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Release Date:


21 February 2020

Bhishma is a 2020 Indian Telugu-language romantic comedy film written and directed by Venky Kudumula. The film stars Nithin and Rashmika Mandanna, while Anant Nag, Jisshu Sengupta, Venela Kishore and Sampath Raj play supporting roles. It is produced by Suryadevara Nagvanshi under Sithara Entertainments. Music is given by Mahati Swara Sagar. Released on 21 February 2020, the film is a commercial success.

Bhishma is the CEO of Bhishma Organics and he wants farmers to move from the use of chemicals in farming to organic practices and he can successfully transfer them. He then announced to the media that he would announce the next CEO on the company's 50th anniversary.

Then it turns to Bhishma Prasad who is a lonely man who always wants to find love. He goes to the pre-wedding party of his friend Parimal's boss where he sees Sara. He introduced himself as Bhishma IAS. (I'm single) And he takes her away with him. She then learns that she has no money and implicates him with the police, which leads to Parimal being fired. His uncle JP had to call his classmate ACP Deva and grant him bail. Deva asks JP to bring Bhishma to him to teach him a lesson as he believes Bhishma is a "loser" as he lives his life as a meme maker. JP then tells Bhishma's father Anand Prasad that Bhishma is serving sentences with Deva and the flashback is that Anand and Deva were classmates and Bhishma touched his daughter when they were creating a rift between the two. Bhishma started by cleaning and serving tea to the officials. One day, Bhishma is driving and after dropping Deva, on the way he sees that Chaitra needs help as his vehicle had an accident. He introduces her as ACP Bhishma as she is in a police car and she introduces herself as an employee of Bhishma Organics. He decides to accompany her and he learns about organic farming.

Then Raghavan, CEO of Field Science, introduces a product called Instant, which produces six months of yield in four months using chemicals and tries to impress some of Bhishma's farmers by having a live conversation with Bhishma.

After some hilarious twists and turns, Bhishma learns that she is Deva's daughter. Dev soon develops a good opinion of Bhishma but Chaitra does not like him. Bhishma works for Deva as a driver and takes Chaitra to the places she wants to go. Chaitra and Bhishma go for a conversation and he finds his friend Parimal there and he works for Field Science. Bhishma talks about how great organic farming is during the conversation and won over Chaitra. Suddenly, Deva's constable sends them a picture of him hugging and Deva gets furious. He goes to Bhishma's house and is shocked to see Anand as his father. He takes out his gun and decides to shoot Bhishma saying that he is the loser when Anand reveals that Bhishma Sr. is Bhishma's grandson and he is the next CEO of Bhishma Organics. Deva and Bhishma are shocked and the media comes to know about this.

When Bhishma prepares to leave to take care of his grandfather, it is revealed that Anand lied to Deva to try to keep his son alive. Bhishma is shocked and meanwhile, Chaitra calls him saying that his father wants him to marry her as he is the grandson of senior Bhishma and says that he is a liar and he molested her and how does she know that he is not of Bhishma. Grandson Bhishma decides to tell the truth to Deva but to his surprise Senior Bhishma announces him as an operating CEO of the company for 30 days. Bhishma is shocked by this decision and Chaitra hates him even more. He also learns that Parimal had lost his job in Field Science as Raghavan has come to know that Parimal is Bhishma's friend and joins as a driver for Bhishma. Bhishma is then shown around the office and he quickly wins over the employees. He also saves a village from Field Science signing an angry Raghavan, who is in love with Chaitra. Raghavan decides to make sure that Bhishma Sr. is not the next CEO by giving a poisonous hybrid plant to Bhishma, who then hospitalizes him and becomes India's #1 agriculture company, and Bhishma's attempt to make the company lose reputation. Plants chemically in the warehouse. A police raid. Raghavan invites Agriculture Minister Ajay Verma to launch the instant for the world, but to his surprise, Ajay says that the product is made from harmful chemicals and revokes the license of Field Science which restricts Raghavan to bedding. keeps. He soon learns that Senior Bhishma is alive and was admitted to the hospital only because of high fever. He also learns that Bhishma found Sara and Ajay in a hotel room and says that he has a pen camera and button camera which forces Ajay to give a speech about how the chemicals are bad and call the police. How did he come to know about planting his saplings? Bhishma is then appointed the full time CEO of Bhishma Organics and Chaitra and Bhishma get married and say that he is "single for never" instead of "single for never".


Nitin as Bhishma "Bhishma Jr." Holy offerings

Rashmika Mandanna as Chaitra, Bhishma Jr's love interest

Anant Nag Bhishma Sr. as CEO of Bhishma Organics

Jisshu Sengupta as Raghavan, a scientist and CEO of Field Science (voice dubbed by Hemachandra)

Venela Kishore as Parimal, Bhishma Prasad's friend turned arch enemy

Sampat Raj as Deva, Chaitra's father and Assistant Commissioner of Police

Ajay Verma as Agriculture Minister and Sara's lover

Naresh Anand Prasad as Bhishma Jr.'s father and Deva's friend

Praveena as Bhishma Jr's mother

Brahmaji as journalist, friend of JP, Deva and Anand Prasad

Mime Gopi as Purushottam, Sarpanch of Singannapalem

Kalyani Natarajan as Kalyani, Dev's wife and Chaitra's mother


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